Catherine Deneuve sells her Saint-Laurent collection at Christie’s

At Christie’s, Catherine Deneuve auctioned off almost all of her Saint Laurent clothing collection following the sale of her house in Normandy where she kept this wardrobe.


Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint-Laurent, a story of friendship

Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint-Laurent met in 1965. She was to be presented to the Queen of England that year and, on the advice of her husband at the time David Bailey, she met the young couturier to create him her outfit. Since then, their friendship crystallized little by little. Then, she asked Yves Saint-Laurent to create the cloakroom of the movie “Belle de jour” the same year. The adventure is just beginning …


The wardrobe of Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve exhibited her wardrobe Saint-Laurent preciously in her house in Normandy, which she sells today. 240 coins were auctioned at Christie’s on January 24, and online until January 30. The sale includes pieces from 1969 to 2002, mostly by day (tailors-skirts or trousers, trench) and a hundred dresses and evening suits. Many of the lots date back to the 1980s and 1990s in Saint-Laurent, a period during which Yves Saint-Laurent was not breaking new ground but was focusing on his timeless classics.


The sell

On the eve of the sale, it was possible to try some of the openly exposed exhibits, where large round mirrors were inviting “selfies”! Even the security guard offered to be photographed! The departure prices of each room did not exceed a few hundred euros. The auction house wants to expand its audience accustomed to merchants and collectors.

at 2 pm on January 24, the sale opens its doors! A motley crowd takes place in the room, but not all have a recording panel. Many buyers are also online to bid on the most beautiful pieces of Saint-Laurent: in a statement Christie’s, the house expressed not to have seen so many online bidders (more than 100) for 5 years!

After 5 hours of sale, all the lots were sold for a total of nearly a million euros! The most expensive pieces sold are from the 1977/1978 Russian collection, a beaded dress worn by Catherine Deneuve in 1969 when she met Hitchcock. Part of the collection was purchased by the Yves-Saint Laurent Museum in Paris.

Catherine Deneuve remained mysterious about what she was going to do with this sum.

If you missed the historic event, you have until January 30 to purchase some of the items from the collection at


At Christie’s

Christie’s is an auction seller of works of art, paintings, jewelery and furniture which is located at 9 Avenue de Matignon in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. You can get there from the Jeu de Paume hotel via line 1, from Saint-Paul station to Franklin D. Roosevelt!

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