The fabulous show of Notre-Dame

In November 2017, a sound and light show was sold out for five nights. This show is back again from October 18 to 25. Reservations, free, are open.

After the success met in November 2017, the most visited monument of Paris will ignite a second time, from 18 to 25 October, for the happiness of the admirers of the place.

It was Monsignor Chauvet who had the idea. It is the rector of the Notre-Dame and his team of volunteers, who wanted to discover again to the Parisians, remote by the endless queues, the building so steeped in history for more than 800 years.

With the help of an American patron, they organize the show Dame de Cœur, paying tribute to the American soldiers who came to fight alongside the French. They call Bruno Seillier, specialist of this type of realization. The latter is not his first achievement. Director, stage designer, he is at the origin of large-scale sound and light shows: Saumur, Palais des Papes, Vendée Globe … or La Nuit aux Invalides in Paris.

The story is in 1917. An American soldier comes to fight in France, in a country he does not know and where he will die. At his bedside, a French nurse tells him the story of Notre-Dame, whom he regrets not having seen. His last words: “I am an American soldier, died in France for peace”. It is this message of peace that the organizers wish to convey. A discreet voice tells this story and the viewer is caught by the beauty of the place, the carved facade like lace.

For this second edition, the end of the story has been changed a bit and, most importantly, the second part of the evening draws the audience into the entire cathedral and not just in one part. The visit of the interior of the church continues, accompanied by the organ game.

The event is funded by sponsors and companies for one third of its cost. These evenings being free, the organizers propose a free donation on the spot, for indicative of 5 euros. Beware the places are stormed despite the 10,000 entries per session.

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