You will have the chance to discover Picasso for this cultural return in several Parisian museums. And
this from different angles: the Paris Opera has selected the angle of the dance. The Picasso Museum,
expresses itself in two approaches: the blue and pink periods, collaborating with the Musée d'Orsay,
and the masterpieces, quite simply, in its own walls.

This exhibition offers a retrospective of the strong ties that have united Picasso and dance
throughout his career.
In the years 1910 – 1920 it is by the sets and costumes that his creativity meets the world of the
show. At the same time, he met the ballet dancer Olga Khokhlova, with whom he married in 1918.
She will be present in his work for many years. In fact, it is during his entire career that he will
represent dance in its most multiple forms.

Among his many creations, we will find the most important works of Picasso. The exhibition allows to
answer these questions by focusing particularly on the reception of each of the works as well as the
works, writings and critics that accompanied them during their presentation to the general public.

Many museums around the world, such as the Tate in London and the Peggy Guggenheim
Foundation, Venice, and also the Museo Picasso, Barcelona have contributed by lending major works
of the artist to be able to constitute this exhibition.

The course is thematized and each room offers one or more works associated with a key creation.
More or less known, some are exhibited for the first time in France or in the museum, while others
are more familiar.

We also take here the measure of the diversity of the Picassian production. Paintings, screenprints,
illustrations of books, sculptures, and even objects, including cuttings for the least unexpected!

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