A great app to know Paris well

My Urban Experience offers a tour of the capital with a new mobile application. Thanks to the Overlap Reality process, the guide comes to life on your smartphone and lets you discover the history of a Parisian neighborhood.


It’s a new way to visit the capital. To be both autonomous and in total immersion. My Urban Experience, already known for its group tours of the capital, has partnered with SkyBoy (an immersive experience development startup) to develop a mobile app with 2.0 visits.

Once the app is downloaded, visitors go to the specified starting point and scan the location as they view it on their smartphone. Paul, the virtual guide then appears in video and tells the story of a building, an anecdote about the neighborhood, a historical point passed unnoticed. And it left for an hour and a half of ride.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of Overlap Reality, which allows you to see the guide exactly where you are and listen to his explanations, we discover a neighborhood in total immersion thanks to the 360 ​​° video.

The course runs at its own pace since it is enough to scan a detail related to the spot to launch the video. Three circuits are already available: the Marais, the Latin Quarter and the Île de la Cité, in French or in English with subtitles. Each visit has 7 stages selected by the guide of My Urban Experience according to their historical, cultural or patrimonial interest. An original way to visit Paris step by step.


My Urban Experience.
App available on the App Store and Google Play. Price: € 3.99 for a tour.



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